Space, Energy, Substance, Life, Meaning - What Reality Is


Robert Kernodle



There is only one dimension. Call it "being".  Another word for "being" is "existing". That which "exists" or "is being" does so because human awareness can grasp it.

Our "grasp" is our way of "knowing". To "grasp" is to "know".  Grasping and knowing are actions of human form touching form other than itself.  The most secure sense of knowing for human form is in grasping substance. "Substance" is the most graspable concept for human form.

The one and only one dimension - BEING - therefore is best conceived as a SUBSTANCE.


The one and only one dimension - BEING or EXISTING - cannot prevail without SUBSTANCE. Substance embodies being that enables human form to GRASP and to KNOW.  Substance - malleable in all respects - is the supreme ONENESS giving ground for all "otherness".

Space, energy, life, meaning, object, relation, action ... all evolve from the one dimension of SUBSTANCE.  There is no sense in the phrase, "being beyond substance", because there is no provision required by human form to grasp it.
The phrase, "being beyond substance", is meaningless, absurd - a confusion leading to conflicting human behaviors.  The phrase, "being beyond substance", is the same confusion as the phrase, "mind beyond body".

The word, "being", like the word, "mind", always begs for embodyment,... or else it cannot ..... be.  Form requires substance. Action requires substance. Relation requires substance. Ideas require substance.  This simply is the best way for human form to grasp and to know the world ... its being, its existence, its meaning.

Reality is real, because it is someTHING.

The someTHING of reality gets thinner,... as human form searches inward, but more and more massive,... as human form searches outward.  Human form, therefore, NEVER can grasp the ultimate thinness nor the ultimate massiveness of reality's substance.
The one and only one dimension of BEING is a SUBSTANCE beyond the total grasp of human form. BEING is beyond total human grasp, simply because its SUBSTANCE is smaller or bigger than our form can touch.  Existence or substance... always is in tact, yet sometimes out of reach of the hands we use to grasp it.

QUESTION 1: How could we possibly expect to grasp, hold, know something that our arms cannot fit around?
QUESTION 2: How could we possibly expect to grasp, hold, know something so thin and tenuous that it passes right through our fingers?

ANSWER: We could not, because this is the EXTENT of substance. Substance extends beyond our grasp. Regardless of how hard human form tries, we never can use our form to feel reality's forever-receeding tenuousness and forever-accumulating massiveness. Yet this forever-extending quality of reality... NEVER STOPS BEING SUBSTANCE.

A cannon ball cannot "feel the air, so it falls as though nothing is there. Yet someTHING is there. There is air. The cannon ball could not BE in the air, unless there was air through which it could fall.  There always is someTHING containing someTHING else.  A particular density of substance always is contained by another density of substance, and this density always by yet another, forever inward and forever outward.


We know what we grasp or TOUCH.

QUESTION: What can be touched?

THING is SUBSTANCE. We GRASP or TOUCH a THING or a SUBSTANCE. We can KNOW only substance.   If we can grasp any part of reality, then we must think of it as something we can touch, feel, sense. What we touch, feel, sense, know is SUBSTANCE.

REALITY is ONLY SUBSTANCE - a tangible, graspable thing to our senses.

Is there reality beyond our immediate grasp? ANSWER: We can only assume yes,... or else we (a form of reality ourselves) would have noTHING to hold us. We would have no reality beyond ourselves to hold us. Reality must exist beyond us, because we are a part of it.  We reason that existence must contain itself, even if all of it cannot be grasped by any single part of it.  My being implies a greater being removed from my immediate grasp. My being implies a lesser being that sifts through my immediate grasp, like wind through my fingers.


If there is no THING to GRASP, then there is no thing to KNOW. We cannot know this ungraspable no THING.  Some part of reality, therefore, always will remain unknowable, because it is ungraspable or untouchable.  The smallness of human form cannot grasp the bigness of the ONE reality.  The ONE reality, which also can be small, passes through the bigness of human form.

There seems to be a contradiction here. But no,... there is an interplay, where human form is held in the middle.  Human form emerges from the smallness of reality on one side. Human form extends into the largeness of reality on the other side.

Human body is a whirlpool within the various density progressions of the ONE SUBSTANCE.  Human body threads out of immense smallness of the one substance. Human body reweaves into immense largeness of the one substance.  The one SUBSTANCE "expressing" itself as a particular dynamic form IS human BODY.

All that "is" or "exists" is substance. Substance is the primal precursor to all else.
BODY is an arrangement of SUBSTANCE. MIND is an arrangement of BODY. MIND, therefore, is an arrangement of SUBSTANCE via BODY.  SPIRIT is an arrangement of MIND,... is an arrangement of BODY. SPIRIT, therefore, is an arrangement of substance via MIND.  SPIRIT, MIND, BODY ... all are forms or actions of SUBSTANCE - the primal substrate of everything.  This way of thinking gives a firm sense of grounding to REALITY. This way of thinking is how human beings feel most satisfied about KNOWING.

Where there is no sense of substance, we loose our footing. We loose our foundation, and we dangle in confusion.


This means: SUBSTANCE evolves to BODY. BODY evolves to MIND. MIND evolves to SPIRIT.


SUBSTANCE leads to BODY,... leads to MIND,... leads to SPIRIT.

SPIRIT is SUBSTANCE-dependent.



SPIRIT is substance that is beyond body and mind. SPIRIT is the ever-thinning cloud of someTHING, whose end we can never grasp. SPIRIT is our sense of substance beyond us and within us,... from which we evolve and to which we return.
SPIRIT is our awareness - our awareness that we come from a grand infinite expanse and regression of someTHING.   Spirit is someTHING beyond our total grasp - it is our beginning, our foundation, our link to ONEness, ... which never stops EXISTING.  Spirit is BODY's MIND sensing vastness of eternal BEING.



Confusion and disagreement happen because we do not use basic words consistently. The most basic word - "is" - starts our conceptual journey.  "Is" - the most elementary action - attests to there being someTHING to conceive.   Our confusion starts when we try to think of existence beyond ourselves as other than someTHING. We think that if we cannot grasp THINGness, then existence ultimately is beyond THINGness.

But you see our mistake? Our primary use of "is" or "existence" began because of thingness, which we come to deny, when we cannot see it. We then place the contradiction of "is" (NO THINGness) as a description of a THING beyond THINGness.  Next we say that this THING beyond THINGness is other than a thing, dividing it completely from its origin. In this confusion, we separate MIND from BODY,... BODY from SPIRIT,... when we should have held that THING beyond THINGness actually is a thinner version of the SAME THING.

To repeat: Thing beyond thingness is a thinner version of the same thing. There is NO SEPARATE SPIRIT somehow pumped into a body shell.  Instead, SUBSTANCE - the primal thing - condenses or coagulates into BODY still connected to it in gradually thinning progressions.   You might say that BODY is a denser form of SPIRIT... is an endless expanse of SUBSTANCE - the primal STUFF of being.



How much better this feels! ... better than an absolutely divided body that dies, leaving an absolutely divided spirit that transcends a lesser form.  All forms are significant, because they exist of the same cosmic stuff variously arranged from tiny forms to humongous forms.

HUMAN BODY is a density dancing in a lesser density of the cosmic stuff. Not divided from its surrounding stuff, HUMAN BODY grades gradually, ever so tenuously, where the connection with its surroundings cannot be seen or grasped.
An arm, therefore, does not end absolutely at its hand. A hand, therefore, does not end absolutely at its fingertips. A face does not express all that a face is, ... even when rendered in great anatomical detail.  

HUMAN BODY is a nexus of being... aware of itself as a local arrangement of eternal SUBSTANCE.

SPACE is what we call the ungraspable stuff surrounding body.


SPACE is another name for the all-encompassing, all-expansive SUBSTANCE of BEING.

SPACE is thinness of SUBSTANCE in which various greater densities of SUBSTANCE exist and move.



SPACE, therefore, is a form of SUBSTANCE . We might say that SPACE is the same as the ONE SUBSTANCE of BEING.   Remember: BEING = EXISTING = SUBSTANCE. We now can include another "equals" sign to give us BEING = EXISTING = SUBSTANCE = SPACE.

BEING cannot be, without substance.

EXISTING cannot exist, without substance.

SUBSTANCE cannot subsist, without itself.

SPACE cannot hold substance, unless it IS substance of a more tenuous form, because how could NOthing hold SOMEthing?


How are we to think of this thing that space is? How best should we think of it? 
As human BEINGs, we seem to have a need to think of space as a thing similar to a thing we can grasp with our hands.  What feels right? Solid? Liquid? Gas? Animal? Vegetable? Person?   Strange questions, for sure, but our sense of MEANING seems to force a choice.

NO THING cannot exist, so SOME THING must.  We cannot escape absurd self-contradiction, unless we choose this way of thinking.  What is the best SOMETHING that we might GRASP as the SPACE of BEING? This is the important question here.  I have an answer.   




The ONE eternal STUFF that our understanding can GRASP is FLUID.

Malleable, forever changing, capable of assuming any form, ranging from the finest gas to the most dense liquid,... FLUID simply lends itself most gratifyingly to our visceral grasp.  HUMAN BODY is largely FLUID.  The SPACE surrounding human body is FLUID gaseous air.  Fluid of body connects with fluid of its surrounding space.  We breath the fluid gas of air into the fluid liquid of body. We exchange different densities of a common conception.

Stand back far enough, and see any group of seemingly solid parts eventually move like a mass of fluid within some larger domain.  Parts become ONE by means of fluidity. Fluidity, thus, seems to EXIST as the primal quality of the ONE STUFF of BEING.  Being always seems to come back to ONE by way of FLUIDITY.

BODY's FORM both emerges and returns to FLUID.

BODY's FORM arrives from FLUID SPACE.

Reality is imbedded in an artist's body in a manner that precedes language or  logical thought. This is how it makes sense to claim that a painting speaks.  Reality finds the best expression of itself in the location of consciousness where it comes to focus.  FLUID REALITY, thus, speaks through my Art Of Fluid , saying that the MASS of human form is an agglomeration of density streams, compressed momentarily into patterns of life as we know it.

A human hair on a shower floor reveals fluid motion frozen. Two hairs crossed over one another record two streams that have crossed over one another as well.
The most fundamental symmetry of ONE, thus, becomes the most fundamental symmetry break of TWO.   Two fluid streams position two human hair filaments across one another to resemble a stick figure of the human form from which they were shed.   We see the essence of our being in a bathtub.

BODY's massive form arises from tenuous being. BODY's massive form arises through the quality of BEING's FLUIDITY. BODY's massive form arises as a special form of the ONE SUBSTANCE of BEING.

The habit of thinking about REALITY as ONE FLUID SUBSTANCE leads us to think about how a liquid moves.  FLUID and its qualities of MOTION exist inseparably fused. Fluid cannot be, without motion. Motion cannot be, without fluid.  A quality or motion cannot exist without its substance. Inversely, a substance cannot exist without its quality or motion. Sometimes we speak as though such a division is possible, but this only causes confusion.

BEING, from the very start, is both a noun and a verb.



BEING, therefore, is FLUID MOTION.

FLUID and MOTION together are ONE SUBSTANCE,... ONE REALITY expressing itself in different forms.

How can the SAME stuff have DIFFERENT forms? Answer: it must be FLUID somehow.   REALITY is FLUID, so it assumes DIFFERENT FORMS.  Again,... let's be clear about the SUBSTANTIAL nature of reality offered here. REALITY is NOT some vacant, non-being room waiting to be filled (this already is a confusion). Instead, REALITY is a substantial being already here, forever now, with no beginning or end.  REALITY is SUBSTANCE whose nature, quality and motion is FLUID. This is something that we can GRASP. This is a graspable reality, where we are not confused or lost or left dangling.

Ah, ... the chaotic beauty of FLUID REALITY!  Whirlpools of moving substance circulate around centers,... forming and deforming,... extending and retracting tendrils,... defining then dissolving POINTS of the WHOLE.  A circular path is fluid's favorite dynamic - what is more balanced than a circle?  What is every direction at once, yet no direction in particular? Answer: a circle or sphere or, more generally,... containment of flow around a center.  Whirlpools become cells,... which become streams of cells,... which become filaments,... which become masses of filaments,... which become BODIES,... themselves central cells in an even bigger sea of FLUID BEING.

The sea of fluid being exists centrally-formed as a human body. It exists centrally-formed as an atom,... below an atom,... and below even the lowest below that we can imagine.   The sea of fluid being exists centrally-formed as the earth,... beyond the earth,... as a galaxy,... beyond a galaxy, and forever beyond the highest beyond that we can imagine.   But does our concept of being come to an end, when we can no longer determine its center in detail? Answer: No,... BEING always must be, or else how could we exist to ask the question.

BEING is SUBSTANTIAL,... even below and beyond our detailed conception of its varied central forms.  Again, the best way to allow this is to admit that being is fluid substance of various embedded densities,... as little or as big as we can imagine,... then admit that being continues to be fluid beyond even that.   In this way of understanding, we always have something to hold us, as well as something that we can hold... (grasp).


These are key words of a stable thinking MIND which link human experience as it emerges viscerally and profoundly from a grasping BODY.  Body does not serve MIND.  Mind serves BODY.  BODY already is thinking without formal logic, and BODY continues to operate in a moment-to-moment substantial reality where such formal logic is not a precursor.  BODY continues to know, via its visual substantial being, even when the continuity of formal logic becomes fragmented.

BODY first informs MIND.  MIND secondly informs BODY.  This is the correct order of things. This is the correct primacy.

Remember,... BODY emerges from FLUID SUBSTANCE to develop MIND.
MIND develops a level of awareness (fed by BODY) that we might call SPIRIT.
SPIRIT is our sense of the infinite eternal FLUID BEING of REALITY.  Spirit
is NOT OUTSIDE REALITY. Rather, we might think of SPIRIT as the infinitely thinning density of SUBSTANCE that we never can grasp bodily. Bodily grasp gives way to conceptual grasp in a smooth transition. This identifies SPIRIT as real,... as real as any other SUBSTANCE of REALITY.

BODY, MIND, SPIRIT, in this manner of thinking, all are REAL.  Spirit is FLUID SUBSTANCE. Spirit is FLUID SPACE.  All that we are, thus, has a reality.

CONCEPT is MIND's grasp... born of BODY's grasp.  If MIND cannot grasp some semblence of what BODY can grasp, then BODY becomes fragmented and lost in its REALITY.  Why would BEING allow such lost fragmentation of its ONENESS?,... when all its connections could be maintained in a different mode of conceptual grasping by its BODY part?  BEING contains all, so nothing (NO BEING) can be outside it.  Remember, when we ask, "What can be all and different at the same time?", our best answer seems to be "FLUID".  The concept of FLUID allows MOTION of BEING's FORM to become PARTS, and parts to remain connected in the WHOLE of BEING's FORM.  What other concept of BODY's MIND could allow this?

Let's stress this point again:

BEING is infinite eternally.
BEING contains all parts.

Nothing can be outside of BEING.  Everything arises from the ONE BEING of REALITY.


HUMAN BODY grasps its reality in accordance with its FORM.

HUMAN BODY's FORM is a particular arrangement of the ONE FLUID substance of BEING.  Below and beyond HUMAN BODY's form, there are extents of BEING out of HUMAN BODY's grasp.   MIND informs BODY (from which it arises) that BEING is of a nature similar to what BODY's form can grasp. The fluid quality of body arises from the fluid quality of its greater being.   Beyond BODY's MINDful concepts, there is the ungraspable.  BODY's MIND senses this ungraspable as SPIRIT, which is the infinite eternal continuity of BEING's FLUID SUBSTANCE, ever-thinning beyond any hope of handling.

From BODY arises MIND.  Since BODY and MIND are of the same FLUIDITY, they are NOT totally different. They blend into a WHOLE, which is BEING or REALITY.  Mind is BODY's bud on a greater tree of REALITY which has no end to its ever-branching roots and limbs.  MIND grows from the infinite eternal sea of BEING.

Fluid forks into filaments, which (turned upright) look like branches,... which (viewed in frames of mind) seem like pages of a book. The sea, thus, flows into words describing it.  An ocean runs in our veins (as blood), and breaks into words  inevitably.  Words are the ocean speaking.  Words are existence declaring itself.

Returning to our mundane bathtub, we see those troublesome strands shed from human heads as letters of an alphabet.  Broken hairs, swished about by water's turbulent motion, come to rest in cryptic formations. As stick figures reveal themselves, so do "stick letters" of formal writing systems.  Nature speaks in squiggles.   

Macrocosmic bodies (planets and stars) compose the fluid symphony of being. Microcosmic bodies (atoms and molecules) compose it equally. One level flows into the next. Human bodies are strands in between.  Our words flow as letters from the cosmic soup.

Look again at how strands form stick figures or alphabetic symbols,... how strands come from fluid filaments,... how fluid filaments extend liquid to language.   Look again at how spheres move from invisible to visible in liquid bundles of those filaments,... from molecular bodies to human bodies to cosmic bodies.  Again, BEING declares itself a FLUID.

If BEING is all there is, and ALL there FLUID SUBSTANCE, then is FLUID SUBSTANCE somehow smart, intelligent, aware or conscious infinitely?  To ask this question also seems to ask the question: Can all being grasp itself? Can all being know itself? Can infinity truly contain itself?

Right away this seems askew. How can something without bounds then bound itself with limits that it then can know? How can boundlessness assert a boundary within which there is no further place to seek?

Between two points, there always is a deeper place to search. Beyond two points, there always is a farther place to reach.  To grasp infinity, therefore, seems ungraspable. We know infinity only as an impulse to keep on searching for what we never can know completely.  SUBSTANCE forever moves this way and develops only local minds that grasp local parts, all of which parts infinitely collectively remain forever out of reach for any one mind.

SUBSTANCE whose smallest part never can be reached. . .

. . . whose existence never can be grasped . . .

. . . whose existence never can be known truly by human minds . . .

This seems to leave us dangling, just as other ways of thinking do.  Dangling, yes, but not like contradictory use of words leaves us lost.  Dangling, yes,... like a leaf in air,... like a fish in water,... like a planet in the heavens.  Even this dangling seems to lend itself to fluid. Something always exists outside a fluid conception to hold it, or else this very conception could not be.  What else could hold this conceptual form and still remain formless around it? Again, some sort of liquid whose thinning always and forever stays ahead of its own conception.  This simply works for human minds. It works to help our words in daily life stay true to one another.

There is no end to BEING.

There is no final thing, therefore, to grasp. The verb, "being", thus outruns the noun. Remember, BEING is BOTH noun and verb,... both substance and its motion.  We know infinity only as we know our wish to keep on moving further, further, further. We know the substance of infinity as well.

There is NO START.

There is NO FINISH.

FLUID BEING simply IS forever, and HUMAN FORM... a product of FOREVER.

We live. We die. We dance. We cry. The tears we shed recall an endless sea that births a life they grieve.

So, how can HUMAN BODY have foundation in such endlessness?  How can SUBSTANCE still be substance when it dissipates past all our grasp?  How can we find comfort in a BODY FORM that seems to dissipate in endlessness?  The angst of endlessness seems to be our greatest mental ill.

But why should it bother us that we come from forever and return to forever?... that our BODY FORM bubbles up from constant churning infinity?... that the form of a self does NOT endure in this forever?... that new selves are created endlessly?  The bother that we feel is fear of being gone,... a selfish bother, really,... wanting to keep forever on hold as one form. We call this sense of being gone..."death"...and dress it up as a demon, when really we might do better to praise the life that such a death defines.   The meaning and purpose, thus, of HUMAN  FORM afloat in endlessness is ITSELF... in its own time of BEING.
This is the precious value of a given life - it is a flicker in infinity, a blink of light in a darker sky.  Just as stars are beautiful against the night, so is life as beautiful against its plight of death.

Strange, then, why we seek our greatest worth somewhere past the substance of ourselves that we perceive. We try to grasp ourselves beyond the means of self-form's grasping ability. We try to use the hands that dissipate in endless thinning... to keep on grabbing,... when these hands' very definition of "to grab" has ceased.

SUBSTANCE of the HUMAN BODY is our main foundation.

SUBSTANCE of the HUMAN BODY is our main identity. This identity, thus, dissipates with its form. Forever does NOT hold this identity. Forever is the ONE IDENTITY of infinite eternal substance from which all individual expressions of identity condense.  Each individual identity is a variation of the same forever. We all are cells of the same infinity.

Remember the steam cloud rising,... how it knots and twirls, curling into centers, then releasing into thin streams endlessly. Each of us is a center in the steam,... forming and deforming quickly on the time scale of eternity.  We are witness to our own forming,... so profound,… to sense eternity curling into us,... a moment NOT to waste, defame or prematurely end on empty hopes of afterlife or heaven, where we walk with angels.

So, what of the immortal soul? ANSWER: There is none.

SUBSTANCE is one continuity, from thin to thicker densities.   BODY FORM is somewhere in between the thinnest and the thickest we conceive.  There is NO non-substantial thinner version of the BODY somehow floating deep inside a thicker body,... separated by an ultimate divide in essence (MIND, BODY, SOUL).
Instead, there is ONE substance of different forms, all relating only through a unity of the ONE.

In a very loose sense, we might say that there is only one soul of the universe that permeates its separate realizations - only one breath that plays its separate notes. And all this playing is a sort of super symphony. And all this playing happens NOT from one central orchestrating mind, but from the sheer nature of being's substance which forms many minds in unison.

SUBSTANCE is spirit,... as is BODY,... as is MIND - the same substance in different densities.  SUBSTANCE is endless forever. SPIRIT is our sense of this.
SPIRIT is the weight of forever bearing on the BODY's MIND.  It is more a way of thinking than a final thing,... more a way of temporary grounding on a ground that ultimately is groundless in its infinite granularity, while wholly continuous for the same reason.  SPIRIT gives us a sense of motion, rather than a comfortable final resting place to stop, since there is no ultimate stop.   SPIRIT is NOT inside us, but everywhere (in or out) beyond us infinitely and eternally. It is the potential for moving always,... the potential that moves BODY,... the promise that there always is another place to go.  This is why we say, "The spirit moves us."

If we never arrive at an ultimate granule or an ultimate limit of substance, then how can we claim to grasp it?  Seemingly the basis of SUBSTANCE is as tenuous as the basis of SPIRIT or MIND, hence the basis of BODY is as tenuous too. 
We never can touch or grasp the ultimate reality, so how does this leave us any better off?

ANSWER: It makes perception more consistent and description less contradictory in our common communication. It grounds us in the things we do touch and see, with knowledge that our motions are the life these things decree.

We need not know an ultimate end, in order to have great meaning. It is sufficient to know how to see ourselves in motion.  As a wave in water, we interact with other waves. We know ourselves by hitting other waves. These other waves collide with ours and give us momentary boundaries.  We see, touch, taste and feel because of wave-collision motion. Senses are a crashing of the waves. Without the waves, there are NO grasping senses. We cannot sense or grasp what lies between the peaks or troughs.   Waves, thus, cannot know their water. They can only guess there's water in between.

EXISTENCE never ends.  EXISTENCE never began.  EXISTENCE simply is, always has been, always will be - moving, changing, organizing, stabilizing, disorganizing, reorganizing again and again and again.  There can be no NON-existence ultimately, because there is no place outside of existence for existence to be, since existence is all there is.   "Existence" names a quality of substance. "Existence" cannot apply to non-substance, non-thingness, non-objectiveness. Eventually, the mind begs for the THING that existence is, or the THING from which existence derives its meaning.  The mind requires this word, "existing", to have a subject, and the project here is to accomodate mind with the most useful subject. 

"Thoughts exist", some people might object, "and thoughts are not substance".   But thoughts must trace back to substance eventually, or else they have no basis. "Thought" is not an empty room; it has something in it.  What best accommodates all descriptions of something? What has the greatest degree of freedom and malleability?  Again, we're back to what the mind handles best as a malleable substance - FLUID.

FLUID unifies - as opposed to tiny atomic pellets, and sub-atomic pellets, and pellets below even these. In what do these pellets exist? Existence still is in force between them. These pellets cannot float in non-existence. So, we have to admit to some substance in between.   The best we can say is FLUID.

Pellets are particles of a fluid, and each of these particles is itself a denser sort of fluid.  Planets are particles of a fluid, and galaxies ... a bigger particle in a bigger fluid.   At every level of perception, we find a particle whose containment is an ocean. In every particle, we find a smaller ocean.   From the smallest to the greatest scale we conceive, there are endless levels of organization where one level stands as particle, and another level moves as its fluid.   In this way, we might speak roughly of FORM and FORMLESSNESS operating together. We might speak roughly of ORDER and CHAOS partnering in the same BEING.

Here let's review. Let's repeat again. Repetition fortifies and clarifies.

BEING simultaneously and indivisibly is both substance and its motion - both noun and its activating verb.

If BEING were not substance, then what could it be? A thought? Then who thinks it? Even a thought requires its thinker, and its thinker requires its body, and its body requires substance to define it.  Conceptual grasp requires establishing boundaries to create form. At the same time, conceptual grasp requires that these bounded forms have a ground of existence - a place of being.  Form cannot exist in non-existent grounds or on a ground of non-existence. Even the ground must be something too.

SPACE, therefore, cannot be void.

 SPACE cannot be empty absolutely. SPACE is only relatively empty, by comparison to denser forms against which thinner forms appear invisible at the bigger form's scale.  Why can SPACE not be void? ANSWER: "Void" means non-existing of anything. Again, a void space places us in severe contradiction, by requiring something to exist in non-existence, or something to exist in nothing.  SPACE has to be something itself, in order to hold anything else.  The SPACE of BEING is a SUBSTANCE, and this substance is best considered FLUID.  FLUID is a concept with both boundaries and infinite extent to accommodate the greatest malleability of reality.

In my every artistic encounter, ... never has the apparent underlying nature of physical reality been far away.  This underlying fluid nature of physical reality, thus, has come to color all my efforts, leading me to the only possible transformation,... Art Of Fluid as my chosen signature style.


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